What does it take to Electrify a Classic?

We can look at the Ferrari project as an extreme example! Restoring and Converting a fire-damaged classic to an electric road-beast is was no small feat. Starting with a great car with a good design makes all the difference. The Ferrari 308, even with its fire damage, was a solid foundation with racing inspired original engineering that benefits from the major power enhancement of electric drive! And then some real out of the box EV Engineering and Restoration Mods…. You have the basic ingredients for a perfect Classic Car Conversion!

Drive Classic with Modern Technology. Experience the performance that was only a dream when the car was released!

These are the steps we take!

(You can read a bit more about how the Ferrari project got started over on the Our Story page.)

Something classic and maybe even iconic? Great style and design? A car you want to enjoy for a long time to come with little maintenance and regular use?
Then you have the perfect opportunity! Honor the car…. deliver exhilaration. Technically innovate a classic car to perform with modern standards and electric power. A real and functional car enthusiast’s investment!
A total restoration is impressive but a sleeper is fantastic too! We rescued a salvage Ferrari 308 from the ashes and recycled OEM parts into the Ferrari community while keeping one out of the grave!
Electric Power is not your fathers Olds. It is serious business. So compliment the conversion with power and performance that will make every minute behind the wheel fun.. especially since it will not be in the shop anytime soon!
Drive everyday knowing you have a phenomenal daily driver that most would not dare driving every day. It is meant to break the mold.
Find us at local car events, races, and green energy events. More likely, you’ll find us hanging around town.