1980 Fiat 124 Spider

Electric GTE 124 #001

176 Horse Power

6 Speed OEM Transmission

130 Mile Range

36 kWhr Tesla Battery

Complete Resto-Mod Performance Conversion

Custom Mahogany Woodwork

Italian Leather Quality Recovering of Dash, Console, Doors, & Seats.

Billet Aluminum Bezels and Badges

Electric GT’s Instrument Cluster

Quality Canvas, Glass & Seals

LED Lighting: Headlights, Signals, Interior

Twin HPEVS AC-34’s Motor Package

96 kW vs 64 kW OEM

200 lb/ft Torque (vs 99 OEM)

0-60 MPH: 6.5 vs 12.2 Seconds

0-100 mph: 12 vs 75 seconds

Curb Weight: 2,511 vs 2,291 lbs

Regenerative Braking


OPTION 1: AC-50 with 24 kWhr Tesla Base Conversion

OPTION 2: AC-50 with 36 kWhr Tesla Upgrade Range

OPTION 3: Twin AC-34 with 36 kWhr Tesla Performance + Range

FINISH OPTIONS: Quality Interior, Performance Suspension, Performance Wheels & Tires, Paint and Body Restoration & LED Lighting Package

PRICE RANGE: $48-$85K.

How do you want to drive? We make it to fit your use! Color, Interior, Finishes, Power, Range? Customize your Fiat.

Base Conversion of your Fiat 124? Starting at $48K.

Custom Orders

What Goes into the 124 GTE 001 Build?