1980 Fiat 124 Spider

Electric GTE 124 #001

176 Horse Power

6 Speed OEM Transmission

130 Mile Range

36 kWhr Tesla Battery

Complete Resto-Mod Performance Conversion

Custom Mahogany Woodwork

Italian Leather Quality Recovering of Dash, Console, Doors, & Seats.

Billet Aluminum Bezels and Badges

Electric GT’s Instrument Cluster

Quality Canvas, Glass & Seals

LED Lighting: Headlights, Signals, Interior

Twin HPEVS AC-34’s Motor Package

96 kW vs 64 kW OEM

200 lb/ft Torque (vs 99 OEM)

0-60 MPH: 6.5 vs 12.2 Seconds

0-100 mph: 12 vs 75 seconds

Curb Weight: 2,511 vs 2,291 lbs

Regenerative Braking


OPTION 1: AC-50 with 24 kWhr Tesla Base Conversion

OPTION 2: AC-50 with 36 kWhr Tesla Upgrade Range

OPTION 3: Twin AC-34 with 36 kWhr Tesla Performance + Range

FINISH OPTIONS: Quality Interior, Performance Suspension, Performance Wheels & Tires, Paint and Body Restoration & LED Lighting Package

How do you want to drive? We make it to fit your use! Color, Interior, Finishes, Power, Range? Customize your Fiat.

Base Conversion of your Fiat 124? Starting at $48K.

Custom Orders

What Goes into the 124 GTE 001 Build?