It all started with a challenge…

Sitting over beers with old friends and shooting the breeze is awesome. You unwind, catch up, learn new things, discuss interesting stuff, and find friendly challenges!

In our case, the discussion quickly morphed into a “who has a cooler project” challenge”. No way your ride beats my electric ride?

Shortly after those beers and conversation, a red 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS was in our possession.

A fuel leak and subsequent fire had toasted the car enough to send it to the graveyard with its carbureted engine beyond repair. It had inadvertently become the perfect rolling chassis for an electric conversion project. It’s destiny as washing machine parts and bottle caps was averted

Toasted Classic Magnum PI Style 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS in hand, we set out to create a perfect blend of Retro-Mod, super cool, high-performance, low-maintenance electric vehicle suitable for daily driving.

As fate would have it, the 308 GTS’ tube frame, racing inspired core design and construction is ideal to handle the seriously increased power and torque of the electric drive conversion. The electric drivetrain conversion delivers huge torque, quick speed, dynamic driving, and all the smiles and fun you want- all without maintenance. Your first scheduled oil change? NEVER!

The 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS is the first and only 100% electric, zero-emissions converted (or any) Ferrari on the road!Until the next project comes along of course!

We’ve recycled unnecessary original 308 parts back into the Ferrari owner community thus keeping many more Ferrari GT-series cars on the road with our unused OEM parts. The converted Ferrari 308 project incorporates the latest in EV technology wit reliable motors and leading edge batteries.

Every Electric GT project enhances both the total driving experience and performance of each project! We seriously increase both the horse power and torque of each projects and stay on the forefront of EV technology.