Welcome to Performance Classic Electric Cars

How does the 1st ever 100% Electric Ferrari 308 Conversion project add up?

150 Lbs+
Pounds of Car

215 HP +
Comparable Gas HP

80% +
Ft/Lbs of Torque

100% Electric
Miles Range
(w/o Charge)

Did You See That Coming?

Cool classic, long lasting, fast, positive value, cool rides!
Cars destined for the junkyard + Clean electric energy = Serious Daily Driving High Performance classic cars with no maintenance cost!

Ferrari sketch

Driving your own Classic, Custom Electric Vehicle every day now? Didn’t think so! Let’s make it happen!

Electric GT only works with perfect classic car prospects. Want to talk about worthy projects, inventory, or a custom build? Get in touch with us!

Pit Crew

Our team is the best and brightest of engineers, fabricators, machinists, and tradesmen in the EV Classics Conversion field and ensure delivery of top quality New & Resto-mod Classic Electric Vehicles. Experience and team work really count.

We are automotive fans dedicated to making you love driving fast electric classics.